Current Deals- get a free mask with every shirt you buy, and 15% off with code “NewYearNewDaisy”! If there is a specific pattern that you are looking for and do not find it on here, send us a message to see options that aren't even on the site yet. Please note that pre orders and customs are about FOUR weeks out!


Custom rags are our passion and hottest product. We’ve had the privilege of making wild rags for Jess Lockwood, Ty Murray, the top 15 girls at the NFR, and so many more inspiring people- and we would LOVE to create a one of a kind piece for you! Rags are $45 and 35.5” squares, please message to inquire about bulk discounts. We have two options for one time design fees, $10 and $45. We stay ~ about ~ four weeks out on orders for the majority of the year. Anything you want on a rag, we can do!

To order a custom rag-

1) Decide on the style you would like. The most popular styles right now are brands on top of a paisley background and brands with hand drawn elements put in. Our design fees are a one time fee that includes doing the same design in as many different color formats as you would like.

The $10 design fee includes doing photoshop, drawing brands, using paisley backgrounds, and using our ready to go, hand drawn elements.

The $45 fee is for portraits, we can hand drawn and replicate your pets, photos, vehicles, etc. With this option you will also receive the portrait to use as you would like- print it out, make stickers, use as a screen background, anything you’d like! With artistic credit going to our graphic designer, Rachel Pate // A Little of That.


2) Send a message to my order manager Holly Dermody @+1 (530) 713-5882. Please use this format for a prompt response 


Name- ______ ______

Email for invoice -

Design- (Background color) with (name of brand & color). (Optional- add elements, background design, photoshop, portrait, etc.) - Please be detailed with what you would like for each rag, as well as quantities! If you have your logo or brand in a PNG file or can get it, please let us know right away.


3) We will send an invoice to the email provided, please pay promptly and we will send a proof within a day or two! Once paid for and proof is approved, we will print your rag(s) and in about FOUR weeks you will receive your package. 

 Examples of elements will be below, please search for custom rags on the site for finished examples, or copy and paste the link below into your browser. Please check us out on social media to see more options! We have done hundreds of designs so please do not feel limited by what is shown here.